Mr. Naan & Mrs. Idly, the name of this eatery sounds amusing? Let’s not stop right there because not only the name, but everything interrelated to Mr.Naan and Mrs.Idly will definitely sound amusing when you look further at what they serve. Located on the busy street of Brickfields, this restaurant certainly has its own fan club that serves patron’s healthy and nutritious vegetarian food.

Mr. Naan & Mrs. Idly are well known for Southern and Northern Indian foods that will leave their patrons wanting for more especially if you are a hardcore Indian food lover. Well, not many Indian restaurants would serve the combination of this two cuisine. No one can ever avoid enjoying spicy, appetizing, and scrumptious Indian food after all.

Besides North and South Indian cuisine, they also serve Jain and Buddhist food which are very rare to be found here in Malaysia. Wondering what is Jain and Buddhist food? Let us help to break it down for you, Jain food is all about excluding Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, or any underground vegetable. Whereby, Buddhist food practices pretty much of the same concept as Jain. Well, now you know why we stated that it is rarely to be found because this kind of eatery is still budding gradually.

The utmost part that caught our attention was, they are generous enough to help the needy by providing food for free. This is something appreciable and the credit goes solely to Mr.Naan & Mrs. Idly. The poor come in and enjoy the food and leaves with a happy tummy. It is surely a kind thought of the boss here. In addition to that, bear in mind that food wastage will be charged RM2 for 50g and later the money earned from it will be donated to the unfortunate ones. Among many things that we encountered at the eatery, these will be something that made us eulogize their good deeds.

Name what you want, be it Pav Bhaji belonging to North Indian or Idly and Thosai representing South Indian, you’d get everything served hot right in front of you to chomp on. It takes some time to prepare as they are freshly made instead of popping their food in the microwave or using recycled food. Gravies are never made for more than two days. All the cottage cheese is made fresh in the kitchen every other day with fresh 200 to 300 liter of cow’s milk. They also have a buffet every day for lunch at a reasonable price. The foods are incredibly tasty that made patron’s coming for more.

Besides delightful savory dishes, Mr. Naan & Mrs. Idly is also well known for their “Jalebi”, an Indian sweet that will immediately melt in your mouth once you sunk your teeth in it. What makes their mini Jelebi special is, there is no color added instead they use Saffron (an expensive Indian spice) to bring out the bright orange color that will certainly catch your attention at one glance as it is not huge, you could easily pop them in your mouth. This is because no baking soda is used in their Jelebi to enhance the size of the Jalebi.

Other than that, it is understandable that the Indian sweet is being fried by using pure ghee where the taste of it would be richer. The cakes are absolutely vegan. No eggs and preservatives added for sure that literally maintains the soft and fresh texture of their cakes. You could surely pre-book them here for any occasion.

In a nutshell, you will surely get all classes of nutrients here for sure. So, leg down to Mr.Naan & Mrs.Idly to experience it yourself.